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Activate the SAP RFC Consumer Activity Feature


A Cora SeQuence license is required to activate the SAP RFC Consumer Activity feature.

The license is an XML file, SequenceERPConnector.lic, which is located at/Program Files/PNMsoft/Licensing/Data.


  1. After you deploy the Cora SeQuence database and applications, make sure that you deploy the SAP activity
  2. To activate the feature, copy the code below to the Services section of the following configuration files:
    • Administration
    • Flowtime
    • BackgroundRuntimeService (BRS)
<add type="PNMsoft.Sequence.SAPConnector.SAPRuntime, PNMsoft.Sequence.SAPConnector, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0a1a1b90c1c5dca1" sn="Z6219YZ26C"/>