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Add a Code Snippet


Use code snippets to extend functionality in Forms. Cora SeQuence provides pre-configured snippets.

When you create a snippet file, you can create one file for each snippet, or a file that contains multiple snippets.

Cora SeQuence snippets support the following languages:

  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • CSS

Note: Cora SeQuence supports Visual Studio snippets.

Snippet Tokens

Cora SeQuence provides two built-in tokens.

  • $selected$: represents text selected in the document that is inserted into the snippet when invoked.
  • $end$: the cursor's location after you insert the code snippet.


  1. Create a snippet file with a .sqsnippet extension.
    Example: alert.sqsnippet
  2. Copy the snippet file to ~/Shared Resources/Components/Forms/Snippets/SnippetLanguage.
    You can create an additional directory. This directory appears as a node in the tree in the snippets wizard.
  3. Recycle the Administration site Application Pool for the changes to be implemented.

Single Snippet Example

<CodeSnippet xmlns="">
  <Description>Code snippet for a do...while loop</Description>
    <![CDATA[do {
} while ($expression$);]]>

Multiple Snippets Example

<CodeSnippets xmlns="">