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Edit an Expression

Create or edit a workflow expression using workflow data, metadata, and a set of functions. You can use this expression to create a business rule, default value, message recipient, and more.

Expression Editor

Expression Functions

There are several function options for building expressions.

Expression Functions
Convert a result to one of several formats, such as ToBoolean, ToByte, ToSingle, ToString, among others.
Date & Time
Date operations, such as CalendarDateAdd, DateAdd, ToUserDate, among others.
Return a JSON value, which you can further manipulate to return a JsonValue.
Mathematical functions to add to the expression, such as Max, Min, Ceiling, among others.
Mathematic Advanced
Advanced mathematical operations, such as Cos, Exp, Log, among others.
String operations, such as EndsWith, IndexOf, Replace, among others.
Users & Groups
These functions return user and group objects, based on user and group ID. The MemberOf function returns the list of groups that a user belongs to, based on user ID.
These functions are useful in the Sharing Activity wizard and Recipients wizard.
Enables you to retrieve elements and values from XML data. Use XPathSelectElement or XPathSelectElements to retrieve a full element or elements, respectively. Use XPathSelectValue to retrieve an element's value.

Expression Formats

You can use the following formats to build expressions.

Expression Formats
Object Expressionrt.CurrentUser.UserId == 10
String ExpressionHello { rt.CurrentUser.DisplayName }
HTML/XML<div>Hello { rt.CurrentUser.DisplayName }</div>