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HTTP Status 401 When Trying to Publish a Dashboard


When you try to publish a dashboard, you receive an HTTP status 401.


There are two possible reasons you receive this error.

  • The user settings in the SSRS connection for analytics are not configured correctly.
    • Insufficient permission to access the report server.
    • Incorrect password
  • SSRS is configured to use Kerberos, which does not support for publishing dashboards.

Affected Versions



To resolve the user settings issue, properly configure user settings in SSRS.

To resolve the Kerberos issue, follow the following procedure to remove the Kerberos authentication option from your report server. 

  1. Navigate to \Reporting Services\ResportServer where your report server is installed. 
  2. Locate and open the file rsreportserver.config file with a text editor.
  3. In the <Authentication> section, check if it contains <RSWindowsNegotiate> or <RSWindowsKerberos>, and remove it, keeping only <RSWindowsNTLM>.
    If your organization requires <RSWindowsNegotiate> or <RSWindowsKerberos>, consider installing a new SSRS instance for .
    If the <Authentication> section does not include either <RSWindowsNegotiate> or <RSWindowsKerberos>, then user settings are causing the error.