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Topology Best Practices

You can deploy Cora SeQuence on a single server for evaluation or development, or on many servers. Cora SeQuence’s three-tier roles include:

  • Web server role: Fast, light-weight server that responds to user requests for the Flowtime web pages. All web servers in a cluster are mirrors of each other and are load balanced.
  • Application server role: Provides the service features of Cora SeQuence. An application server often hosts the administration site, the Background Runtime Service (BRS), and the AD Synchronization Service (ADSS). Multiple redundant application servers can be load balanced.
  • Database server role: Stores process definitions and data. The database can be clustered or mirrored for failover protection.

In a small environment, server roles can be combined of one or two servers. For example, web server and application server roles can be combined in a single server or on two or more servers to achieve redundancy.

For more information, see Topology Best Practices.pdf.

The document is intended for IT system professionals, such as Enterprise Architects and Systems Integrators.