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SAP RFC Consumer Activity Overview


Use the SAP RFC Consumer Activity in a solution in which Cora SeQuence interacts with SAP, and  Cora SeQuence is the master.

Before you use the SAP RFC Consumer Activity, you must enable the feature. For more information, see Activate the SAP RFC Consumer Activity Feature.

Note: This SAP RFC Consumer Activity requires an additional license.

Use Cases

  • Create a SAP consumer service query in a form to return SAP data to the form's data model.
  • Edit/manipulate SAP objects.

Wizard Tips

  • You must contact your SAP administrator for connection settings, before you create a SAP RFC Consumer Activity. You need these settings for the SAP Connection Details section of the wizard.
  • You can define multiple functions to the SAP Consumer.

Activity Tips

  • You can use values returned from SAP functions anywhere in your workflow by using Cora SeQuence expressions. For example, with these returned values, you can create a default value for a form control in a Form Activity or Task Activity, or a business rule in a Message Activity. Use Cora SeQuence XPath functions to handle a returned value that contains XML data.