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Web Service Consumer Activity Overview


Use the Web Service Consumer Activity to invoke a method exposed by a Web Service.

Wizard tips

  • URL: the URL of the Web Service you want to invoke.
  • Use Credentials: use this option to define access credentials to the Web Service, for example, if the selected service is not anonymously discoverable.
  • Discover: click to apply the changes and discover the Web Service at the specified URL.
  • Interfaces: displays a list of services and their methods, provided in the selected Web Service.
  • IsOneWay: When you define the Request Bindings, you configure the IsOneWay parameter. Execution behavior, wait for response (false) or skip (true). When you set the IsOneWay parameter to true, no data is saved.
  • TimeOut: define the operation execution time. Setting TimeOut to zero means the default timeout is defined at the server level
  • Dynamic URL: use this option to determine the Web Service location during execution. Leave this option blank if your Web Service URL is the same as the one you used during design.
  • Click method parameters in the left panel and assign input values to the method parameters in the right panel. You can enter the value as a hard-coded value, double-click a field from the workflow tree, or click to open the Expression Editor to define the value as the result of an expression.

Want to learn by doing? 
Check out this hands-on exercise.
Note that only internal users can access the link.