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CI/CD for Cora SeQuence version 9.x


Runbook for CI/CD with Azure DevOps for Cora SeQuence Projects
Learn about CI/CD and how to execute the pipelines to deploy Cora SeQuence.
 Main Steps for Setting Up the CI/CD Pipelines
Checklist of the main steps required to set up and execute CI/CD pipelines.
CI/CD Platform Setup Instructions and Best Practices
There are two options for customizing Cora SeQuence: creating a custom application or using release pipelines to deploy small changes.
Cora SeQuence CI/CD Variables
List of variables used in the Cora SeQuence deployment pipelines.
Validate the CI/CD Username
Check if the CI/CD user configured for each environment has been properly created
 Working with CI/CD Pipelines
How to work with Azure CI/CD pipelines for Cora Orchestration projects.