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Cora OpsManager 3.4.1 Release Notes

01 FEBRUARY 2022

This is an update for Cora OpsManager V3.4, which provides an enhancement and resolves the product issues detailed below.
The issues found in Cora SeQuence V9.6.4 were also resolved in this release.

To download the release package and instructions, click here.


Cora OpsManager now supports Calibri font in the Email, Approval, and New Request composers for a case conversation.

Resolved Issues

#IssueResolutionTicket #
1When you assigned a case back from a team leader to a team member, the case was still available to all.The assigning of a task to a team member is working fine now.226373
2When you created a case using the email listener configured with GraphAPI protocol, the requestor name was not getting displayed.The requestor name is displayed now.403648
3When you opened an indexing required task, an error occurred in event viewer, flooding the logs.The error is resolved now.438332
4For a case, when you updated the case properties and saved the changes, the updated properties were not getting saved.The updated case properties are now saved.502671
5For emails received on a case, the system used local machine's time zone for emails' date and time instead of the user's set time zone.The user's time zone settings are used for case emails' date and time.504361
6For a case, the priority you set while indexing the case was overridden by the default priority chosen in the configuration settings.The case priority remains the one set while indexing the case.512846
7For a case, when you created a new email conversation or replied or forwarded an email, the default signature was not auto populated.The default signatures are now auto populated.526809
8For a case, while composing an email when you changed the signature from default the email body content disappeared.The email body content remains intact even on changing the email signature.574986
9While creating a manual case if you abandon the case creation process in between even then the case was created and listed in the task list.Abandoning the manual case creation process in between moves the case to Closed status.577782
10When you saved an indexing task, the task status and subject disappeared from the task page.The task status and subject is displayed even after saving the indexing task.583862
11In the Task list, for a task the Last Action By column was not updated with the user name after being worked upon.The user name appears in the Last Action By column.588755
12For a case, you were not able to use the Download and Pop out options without filling the required fields.The Download and Pop out options are available even without filling all the required fields.593441
13For a Configuration Set, the message response time was not calculated properly when The Message Response Time Unit value was set to Hours From Start of Working Day.The message response time is calculated properly for Hours From Start of Working Day.598600
14When you view the create case notification in Gmail, some text appeared truncated from the right.
The complete text is visible in Gmail notification.
15When you translated Cora OpsManager to any language other than English, some text in the Home page was not translated.
All the text is translated.
16In a task list or case list grid, when you clicked filter for Created option, the advanced options and date range selection were not displayed.
Filter option for Created now displays the advance options and date range selection.
17When a Team Leader or an Operation Manager accessed Awaiting Response Cases report, some relevant details were not displayed in the report.
All relevant details are displayed in the report now.
18When you created a new internal request from a case, the comment was added to the case conversation, but a task was not sent, and the status didn't change.
Creating a new internal request created a task and the status of the case also changes.
19When you created a new email conversation for a case, the signature didn't appear properly in the email.
The signature appears in the bottom left-aligned in the email.
20For an indexing task that was created manually, the combo box filters were not working fine.
All the combo box filters are working fine now.
21When you created a custom action and submitted the custom action in a case, the system threw an error.
The newly created custom action can be submitted in a case without error.
22While splitting a case of status Indexing Required and Ready for Processing, if you chose and changes the number of splits then the system threw an error:
"There was a problem performing this action. Please try again."
The splitting of Indexing Required and Ready for Processing cases work fine now.
23While you replied to or forwarded a case conversation and saved the email as draft, the selected reason was not saved.
The reason is saved in draft.
24For a case sent for approval when you opened a case attachment of PDF type, the attachment file size was not displayed in the attachment grid.
The PDF file size is displayed in the attachment grid.
25When you created a new task request for a case and closed the case, the task request remained open.
All open task requests in a case are closed now on closing the case.
26For the Team Member Tasks List, Team Leader Tasks List, and the Operation Manager Cases List, only relevant actions were to be made available in the menu.
For the Team Member Tasks List, Team Leader Tasks List, and the Operation Manager Cases List, the View Last Conversation option is no more available.
27Error compensation didn't  exist for Merge Case functionality.
Error compensation is added for Merge Case.
28When you created a case via email listener, the message content didn't appear in the create case notification.
The case create notification displays the message content.
29Notifications were not displayed in the Notifications page
Notifications now appear in the Notifications page