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WCF Consumer Activity Overview


Use the WCF Consumer Activity to invoke a method exposed by a Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) service.

Wizard Tips

  • URL: the URL of the WCF service you want to invoke.
  • Use Credentials: use this option to define access credentials to the WCF service, for example, if the selected service is not anonymously discoverable.
  • Apply Custom Configuration: (Optional) use this option to define and apply custom configurations to the WCF client configuration. See example below.
  • Discover: click to apply the changes and discover the WCF service at the specified URL.
  • Enable Runtime Configuration: (Optional) select this option to enable loading the custom WCF client configuration in Flowtime.

WCF Custom Configuration

Request Bindings

  1. Select the service and method.
    After you select the method, the method parameters display in the Request area.
  2. Define the configuration parameters in the Request area.
    • Name
    • Endpoint
    • Credential Type
    • Credential Name