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App Studio

How to use App Studio to model, build, and execute dynamic workflows.


 App Studio and Dual View Overview
Learn the basics of using App Studio to design and create dynamic workflows.
 Create a Basic Workflow
Create a basic workflow in App Studio.
Generate Workflow Documentation
Generate a single document that contains all of the workflow's important details.
 Working with Process Lab
Learn how to use the Process Lab feature, previously called the Debugger.
Working with the Debugger
Use the Debugger feature to implement controlled workflow instances. The Debugger enables developers to walk through workflow execution activity by activity, and view the data and metadata at every s
End Branch Activity
Describes the End Branch activity introduced with Cora SeQuence 8.6.
Runtime data caching
Provides and overview of the data caching feature and how to configure it for data queries.
Define job scaling and redundancy settings
Job redundancy ensures that jobs run even when the hosting Job Execution Service (JES) is down.