Genpact Cora Knowledge Center


Versions 8.3-8.4


Analytics Overview
The Analytics feature provide developers and administrators visual insight into the solutions they build.
Understanding Dashboard Suites
The dashboard suite is a set of dashboards that you create according to a user's specific needs, such as an employee, manager, or regional manager.
Create an Analytics Dashboard Suite
Create an Analytics dashboard suite to customize the dashboards that display for Flowtime users.
Create a Dashboard
Create a dashboard tile to monitor user-specific data.
Create an Advanced Tile
Create a dashboard advanced tile to design a composite of multiple pre-defined tiles.
Create a Custom Column Display Name
When you create a Grid tile, you cannot use spaces in the column name. You can customize the column display name to include a space using JSON.
Filter an Analytics Query Using a Query String Parameter
Use this feature in cases when you create dashboards, and need to use the same data for multiple dashboards, but need to filter the data for specific users or groups.