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Configure Attachments View



Attachments View solution-level reusable component enables you to add case attachments section to a workflow instance. This functionality allows users to attach one or more files to a case. 

Attachments View component is enabled by default in Solutions. When Attachments View component is not part of a Solution, there is no option to add it through UI, built-in commands, and API. 

Attachments View settings are deployed with the solution package.

Configure Attachments View

To enable case attachments functionality in a workflow instance, you need to configure Attachments View component in the Solution of which the workflow is part of.

  1. In Administration site, click and open the Solution from list.
  2. In the Solution Components section, click Attachments View.
  3. In the Case Attachments window
    1. Select columns to be displayed in the attachment section in a case. 
      By default, all columns are selected to be displayed. 
      Attachment Type and Comment columns are by default selected to be mandatory. Clear the Is mandatory check box for each to make these columns optional.
    2. Add attachment types that can be selected while adding attachments in a case.
      Add at least one attachment type as Attachment Type is by default a mandatory column to be displayed in case attachments section.
    3. Make other settings like sorting order, default sorting column, and maximum size of attachment file preview.

Add case attachments to Cora SeQuence form

You can add case attachments section to a form in two ways:

  • Add a code snippet to the form source
  • Add Attachments View option from Toolbox

Add snippet to form source

  1. In a workflow, add or edit a form or task activity.
  2. Add the following script to the source in the relevant location.
<sq:AttachmentsView runat="server" ID="AttachmentsView1"></sq:AttachmentsView>

Add Attachments View from Toolbox

  1. In a workflow, edit the form activity.
  2. Add Attachments View from the toolbox.

Case Attachments built-in command

You need to add Case Attachments built-in command activity in workflow to create a link between the form and the database. The case attachments section in form access data from the database and displays it. 

  1. Add a Built-In Command activity.
  2. Select Case Operations > Add Case Attachments.
  3. Click Next.
  4. Add the following command parameters:
    • workflowInstanceId
    • attachments

Make sure you have Execute permissions in the master workflow.
To use Attachments View in a sub-workflow, the workflowInstanceId parameter should be mapped to the master workflow instance Id.