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Define Message Properties


You can define properties for a message, such as task due date, priority, and more.

Message Property Options

Message Property
Email Mode
  • None: Only send a Flowtime message to the recipients.
  • Send Link: Send an email and a Flowtime message to the recipients.
  • Email Only: Only send an email to the recipients. This option is only available for the Message Activity.
Task Due Date
  • For Task Activities, define a due date for when the task must be complete. You can enter a number and then select the Time Interval. For example, if you enter 3 and set the Time Interval to Week, the due date is three weeks.
  • Select Set Due Date by Working Time to calculate the due date based on the recipients' calendar, which accounts for non-working time, such as vacation.
  • Select a Calculate From option.
    • Task Instance Creation: the due date is relative to the time when the user received the task.
    • Activity Instance Creation: the due date is fixed, even if the task was fetched or a recipient was added.

Set Mail as High Priority
Click the three dot button next to the Only if (optional) text box to create a high priority expression. If the expression is true, the mail is flagged high priority.
Enable Reassigning Task
End users can dynamically reassign a task to alternate recipients during runtime. 
Enable Adding Recipients
End users can dynamically add recipients during runtime.
Enable Removing Recipients
End users can dynamically remove recipients during runtime.
Customize Recipients Picker
Customize which recipients the end user can select in the Flowtime Recipients Picker.