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OOTB Dashboards for Operations Manager

List of out-of-the-box/main Dashboards available to Operations Manager:

Object name

Object details

Type of object or report

Current Pending Work by Hours to Target Date
(Has a drill report)

Calculation: Subtracts the target date of all cases that are not in “Closing” status from the current date and their target date is not going to be extended, and then distributes the result by an Overdue range (time to closure date):

  • More than 8 hours
  • In the next 4-8 hours
  • In the next 4 hours
  • In the next hour
  • Overdue
  • No due date

Bar chart

  • Y-axis: Hours
  • X-axis: Number of cases

Current Open Cases By Status
 (Has a drill report)

Distribution of current open cases by their status.

Pie chart by status

Current Team Open Cases Workload

Distribution of cases, currently allocated to each team, which are not in closing status, and their target date is not going to be extended.

Bar chart

Shows the distribution of cases by Team. The chart also displays a bar for unassigned cases.