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Working with CI/CD Pipelines

Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to Cora Orchestration.


We can use CI/CD with Azure DevOps to:

  • Deploy Cora Orchestration workflows
  • Customize the Cora Orchestration portal (like customizing logos, color schemes and the portal grid)

You use the following pipelines to deploy Cora Orchestration workflows:

  • Unit Package (CI Pipeline): Packages workflows that have been committed to Azure and creates an artifact in the project’s Azure repo.
  • Processes Release (CD Pipeline): Takes the artifact from the Azure repo and deploys it to the target environments (UAT, Production, as required) as specified in the pipeline.

Setup prerequisites

Before you can use CI/CD for Cora Orchestration projects, the following setup needs to be done:

  • Grant access to the Azure portal for the setup process
  • Set up the source (Dev) and target (UAT and Production) servers & their Cora Orchestration environments
  • Install the required CI/CD pipelines in the Azure portal
  • Create user IDs and passwords for the people who needs to access the Azure portal and use the CI/CD


Watch the following videos to learn how to work with CI/CD pipelines to deploy Cora Orchestration applications: