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Error Message: Root Element is Missing


When you try to import a workflow ZIP package that contains forms created in Cora SeQuence 6, you receive the following error message.


The export package contains forms without activities because of obsolete template forms that remained in the database from Cora SeQuence 6.

Affected Versions

7.0 and later


  1. Execute the following SQL script on the database where the export is created.
    <-- backup tblTemplateForms>
    <select * into __tblTemplateForms_backup_<date> from tblTemplateForms>
    <delete bad form references from tblTemplateForms>
    <FROM tblTemplateForms>
    <WHERE fldGuid NOT IN>
    <SELECT fldProperties.value('declare namespace pnmsoft=""; (/pnmsoft:Properties/pnmsoft:FormRef/pnmsoft:ToId)[1]','uniqueidentifier')>
    <FROM tblTemplateActivities>
    <WHERE fldProperties.value('declare namespace pnmsoft=""; (/pnmsoft:Properties/pnmsoft:FormRef/pnmsoft:ToId)[1]','uniqueidentifier') IS NOT NULL><)>
    <AND fldTWfGuid IS NOT NULL>
    <AND fldTWfGuid <> '00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000'>
  2. Run IISReset.
  3. Create a new export package.