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Latency issues


Pages load slower than usual. This issue may be observed in any of the Cora SeQuence web applications.

Cause and suggested solutions

Possible causesRecommendations
High fragmentation of SQL indexes
  • Perform routine SQL index maintenance. Usually, setting up a weekly job that rebuilds indexes over the weekend is sufficient.
Too much data is being loaded to the form's data model
  • Make sure that the form loads only the required data. Specify table keys where applicable.
  • If you use expressions with the where() method, consider adding AsQueryable().
Incorrect network routing
  • Check that the site names (or IPs) are whitelisted in the network's security tools.
  • Check that the routing to Flowtime does not use unnecessary VPN tunnels.
  • For cloud customers, it is recommended to allow direct network traffic from the end-users to our service without routing via the organization's VPN.

Affected Versions