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PowerShell Module: CoraSeQuence.Services

Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to Cora Orchestration.

The Cora SeQuence.Services module includes the functions required to deploy BRS, JES, and ADSS.

Function nameDescriptionVersion
Uninstall-CoraSeQuenceServiceUninstalls a CoraSeQuence Service.9.6
Set-CoraSeQuenceBRSThreadConfigurationSets configuration of a Cora SeQuence BRS thread.9.5
Get-CoraSeQuenceServiceGets one or more instances of the installed services.9.0
Get-CoraSeQuenceServiceGUIDGets the current GUID of a Cora SeQuence service.9.0
Install-CoraSeQuenceServiceInstalls a Cora SeQuence service.9.0
Register-CoraSeQuenceJESRegisters a JES instance.
  1. Creates a URL reservation.
  2. Makes sure that the management service port is open on Windows Firewall. The management service URL will be returned.
Set-CoraSeQuenceServiceGUIDSets a GUID for a Cora SeQuence service.9.0

Get a list of all functions related to a module

  1. On PowerShell, run Get-Command -Module CoraSeQuence* | sort Source

Get help on functions

All functions in the Cora SeQuence PowerShell modules contain built-in help. 

To get help on a specific function:

  1. Run Get-Help <FunctionName>