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Customize HotOperations

This article explains how to customize HotOperations tiles and default page.

Customize HotOperations tiles

You can customize the data and style that displays to HotOperations users by modifying default.html file.  The default.html file is located in ~\Shared Resources\Components\HotOperations\Flowtime\templates.  Managers and team leaders use the board to execute allocation and assignment decisions. In some cases, the necessary information is stored in one of the process variables that dynamically changes as the process progresses, for example Case Urgency or Case Cost. To propagate this information to managers and leaders, you need to change the data display in the tile.

Operations Manager tiles

Team Leader tiles

Assign the custom default.html file to HotOperations board display

  1. Duplicate the tile configuration default.html file and modify as necessary.
  2. Add the modified default.html file to the relevant Application Variable.
    Ops ManagerPortal.HotOperations.Board.BucketTileTemplate.OpsManager~\Shared Resources\Components\HotOperations\Flowtime\templates\OpsManager\modifieddefault.html
    Team LeaderPortal.HotOperations.Board.BucketTileTemplate.TeamLeader~\Shared Resources\Components\HotOperations\Flowtime\templates\TeamLeader\modifieddefault.html

Customize HotOperations default page

You can overwrite the HotOperations default page using an application variable.

Portal.HotOperations.TeamLeader.DefaultPageTeam Leader default page
Portal.HotOperations.OpsManager.DefaultPageOperations Manager default page

The default page applies only to users with one role. When a user has two roles, the default page is set based on the roleselector.aspx page. 


Changing the predefined default page:


Making a custom page your default page:

Portal.HotOperations.TeamLeader.DefaultPage~/Shared Resources/FlowtimePages/TaskList.aspx