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Working with Forms
Use forms in dynamic workflows to collect predefined information from users.
 Add a Field to a Form
Learn how to add a field to a form.
Add a Dashboard to a Form
It is helpful to include a dashboard in a form to help end users better understand a statistic, situation, and so on.
Create Form Templates
Learn how to create and save form templates.
Create a Read-Only Form View
Create read-only forms to expose data to users that was entered in a previous process phase.
Define Form Tabs
You can define that other forms in a workflow display as tabs in another form.
Responsive Forms Advanced Customization
Edit a form's markup to implement advanced form customization.
Manage Supported File Types
View supported file types, and learn how to add and restrict file types.
Save Command Options
You can add a Submit button and Update button to your forms, which enable users to save the information they entered on the form. To configure the save command option, you give the button a CommandNa
Disable the Submit Button After Click Event
You can disable the Submit button and Save button on page unload. This is helpful when you want to prevent double-click, and creating duplicate records.
Create a Multilingual Form
Follow this procedure to include more than one language in a single form.
Add a User Control to a Form
When you add a user control to a form, you should use the Sub-View control and set the VirtualPath property to the user control ASCX file.
Add a Button Toolbar to a Form
You can add a button toolbar to a form. In this example, the toolbar displays at the bottom of the form.