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Cora SeQuence 9.x


Cora SeQuence 9.0 Release Notes
Cora SeQuence V9.0 introduces a fully scalable solution based on a Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) framework for rapid and reliable code delivery, easier maintenance, light-weight immutable applications, and agile deployment. Additional improvements include improved user experience and redesign of the Organization Management to support robust organizational structures, fully responsive layout of the runtime pages, and major system performance improvements.
Cora SeQuence 9.1 Release Notes
Cora SeQuence provides tools for faster and easier deployment process, capability to sign workflows, and introduces usability improvements Flowtime and Hot Operations menus.
Cora SeQuence 9.2 Release Notes
Cora SeQuence V9.2 introduces the following features and improvements: ability to dynamically expose REST services as an integral part of your workflows, expanded integration capability with Apache Kafka, Hot Operations case search, the choice to store and migrate binary files outside of the Cora SeQuence database, create a PDF that includes data from web forms. Usability features and improvements include the ability to personalize grid display and save the view for future use.
Cora SeQuence 9.2.1 Release Notes
Update for Cora Cora SeQuence, which includes a new feature and product enhancements.
Cora SeQuence 9.2.2 Release Notes
Kafka messaging queue mechanism is generally available.
Cora SeQuence 9.3 Release Notes
Cora SeQuence V9.3 continues to improve system performance by expanding its scalability capabilities. You can now have as many JES instances as required running the same Service Bus Listener or Kafka Subscriber job. The new release also introduces new session management features. The Search feature, previously available only for Hot Operations, is now available for any workflow.
Cora SeQuence 9.3.1 Release Notes
Update for Cora SeQuence V9.3, which includes a new feature and fix to product issues.
Cora SeQuence 9.3.3 Release Notes
Update for Cora SeQuence V9.3, which includes enhancement and fix to a product issue.
Cora SeQuence 9.4 Release Notes
Cora SeQuence V9.4 introduces the following features and improvements: long-term archiving, reusable components, expression-based filtering of Flowtime grids, and support for the Japanese language.