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Use the URL to Start or Open a Workflow

You can use runtime URLs to open an existing workflow, start a new workflow, and control some UI elements, such as show or hide the left-panel tree.

To perform these procedures, you call the Runtime.aspx page with several parameters.

Runtime URL

As long as the client does not have special IIS configurations, the runtime URL should follow the following format.


[ServerNameAndPort] is the IP/DNS name of the server, with the port.
For example,

When you build URLs in code, never hard code the server name and port, since they might change for a single instance, and will most likely be different between environments. For client-side code, you can get the host name using JavaScript, for more information read this article.  For server-side code, you can keep the server and port in reference tables.

Main Parameters

workflowInstanceId=[int]Open a specific workflow instance ID.
workflowid=[Guid]Start a new instance for this workflow ID.
WorkflowSpaceId=[Guid]Start a new workflow instance for the workflow space, using the active version.

It is acceptable to use workflowid, but the best practice (unless there are specific requirements), is to use WorkflowSpaceId. The URL always opens the active version of the workflow.

Other Parameters

ShowTree=noneAdd this parameter to hide the left-panel tree.
ShowTabs=noAdd this parameter to hide the main form container tab bar.
Culture=[Language Culture Name]Add a culture to force a system globalization settings in the form, such as date formats.
uiculture=[Language Culture Name]Add a uiculture to force a system globalization settings in the form, such as date formats.

For Cora SeQuence 8 and later, ShowTree and ShowTabs were replaced with new parameters. The new parameters are more consistent and easy to use.


  • Open workflow instance 87
  • Without left-side tree
  • Without form tabs
  • Globalization settings for UK (en-GB)