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User and Group Methods


You use user and group functions to retrieve information on users and groups. 

Available functions

The Expression Wizard includes the following user and groups functions:

Retrieve data on groups

To retrieve....Use expression...Returns...
All the groups to which the user belongs
CurrentUserGroups(rt)GroupView list
All the parent groups to which the user that executes the expression belongs CurrentUserParentGroups(rt, <level>)GroupView list
Group information by group IDGroup(rt, <groupId>)GroupView
A list of all the existing groupsGroupsByName(rt, <groupName>)GroupView list
All groups to which a user belongsMemberOf(rt, <userId>)GroupView list
Data on users by user ID and organization structure levelUserParentGroups(rt, <userId>, <level>)GroupView list

Retrieve data on users

To retrieve....Use expression...Returns...
Data on user by providing a user IDUser(rt, <userId>)UserView
Data on user by providing the display nameUsersByDisplayName(rt, <displayName>)
UserView list
Data on user by emailUsersByEmail(rt, <email>)
UserView list
Data on a specific user by user name and domain nameUsersByUserNameAndDomain(rt, <userName>, <domainName>)UserView list
Data on a number of users{DataModel1}.Query("USPEXAMPLE", new Object[] {1,100,1,null,null}).Select(User(rt, Field("fldId")))
UserView list