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In-Memory Execution

v8.2 and later


Define a workflow as InMemory when you do not want to save the operation's details to the database. You can use this type of "black box" workflow as part of a larger process, such as a sub-workflow that calculates the score of a loan request. The calculation's results might be important to the overall process, but might not be important to track the intermediate steps inside the workflow during execution. 

If you configure your environment with the diagnostics feature, a trace file, SVC file, is created for the workflow's execution.

Set the workflow to run in InMemory mode

  1. Open the workflow in the App Studio, click the workflow canvas. 
  2. In the Properties pane, under Execution>Persistence Mode, select InMemory.

InMemory limitations

Not all activities support InMemory mode. To verify that the activities in a workflow support InMemory mode, access the workflow, and from the top ribbon, click Validate. If you set the workflow to InMemory, a warning message appears for unsupported activities.

Activities that do not support InMemory persistence mode

Activity Does it support InMemory execution?
Human activities (all)No
File activities (all)No
Email activities (all)No
Database Listener activityNo
SharePoint Listener activityNo
Sub Workflow activityNo
Email Listener activityNo
CRM Lister activityNo
Built-In Command activityYes. Starting with V8.6.2
Data activities (all)Yes. Starting with V8.6 

Enable diagnostics

In the web.config file for the environment from where you are running the process, add the following service to the <sequence.engine>  > <services> section.

You can configure the following properties.

  • traceDirectory: directory where the SVC file is created. The default value is the current user's Temp directory.
  • traceLimit: maximum number of trace files. The default value is 1,000.
<add type="PNMsoft.Sequence.Runtime.Diagnostics.WorkflowExecutionDiagnosticsService, PNMsoft.Sequence.Runtime.Diagnostics, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=0a1a1b90c1c5dca1" traceDirectory="path to traces directory" traceLimit="#" />