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Cora SeQuence Release Notes

2 December 2018

This is an update for Cora SeQuence v8.4, which includes a fix for the issue detailed below.

Can't export solution with expressions

Solutions that used expressions in their allocation rules could not be exported.

Update steps

Updating from V8.4.8

On the server where the Administration site is installed:

  1. Back up the following DLLs:
    • In the Administration bin folder:
      • PNMsoft.Sequence.Studio.dll
    • In the GAC:
      • PNMsoft.Sequence.Deployment.dll
  2. Download the ZIP file, and extract it.
  3. Open the DB Scripts folder, and run thePatchSynchronization_Data.sql script on your Cora SeQuence database.
  4. Make sure the following files and folders are in the same level on the server.
    • Engine
    • SequencePatch.xml
    • SequencePatcher.ps1
  5. RunSequencePatcher.ps1 file as Administrator on the Cora SeQuence Administration server as follows:
    1. Right clickSequencePatcher.ps1 , and then select Run with PowerShell.
    2. Press any key to run as administrator.

Rollback steps (in case of failure)

  1. Restore the backed up DLL files.

NOTE:  If you are running a Cora SeQuence version earlier than V8.4.8, you need to install V8.4.8 before you install V8.4.8.1.