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Deploy the SAP activity


If your system integrates with SAP, you need to run additional scripts after you deploy the Cora SeQuence database and applications.


Before you run the scripts, make sure that:

  • The SAP license has been activated.
  • You've deployed the Premium package.
  • Credentials to access the Cora SeQuence repository.

For more details on deploying Cora SeQuence, see the Deployment process section in this article


Run the following scripts on all servers that host Cora SeQuence applications.

  1. Download the CoraSeQuenceSAPInstallation ZIP, and extract it.
  2. To add the SAP activity types, run the SAPConnectorActivity script on your Cora SeQuence database.
  3. To deploy the SAP activity components, on all servers that host Cora SeQuence applications, run the CoraSeQuenceSAPInstallation PowerShell script.