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File Activities


Define a Connection to an External Storage System
Most File Activities require you to define a connection to the external storage system that you are saving a file to, retrieving or deleting a file from, or creating a folder in.
Put File Activity Overview
The Put Activity exports one or more files (attachments or array of bytes) from Sequence to an external storage system. You can export the files individually, as a bundle, or in a ZIP file.
Create Folder Activity Overview
The Create Folder Activity creates a folder in an external storage system. After you create the folder, you can save items from Sequence to the folder by executing other activities in the workflow.
Get File Activity Overview
The Get File Activity imports a single file from an external storage system into Cora SeQuence. This article explains all about Get File activity.
File Writer Activity Overview
Use the File Writer Activity to create a file, write (edit) to the file, and save the file to the Cora Sequence database as part of a workflow.
File Listener Activity
Use the File Listener Activity to listen to an external file storage system and start or resume a dynamic workflow when a new file is saved to a specific location. You can then use the file object in
Delete File Activity Overview
The Delete File Activity deletes a single file (attachment or array of bytes) from an external storage system as part of a workflow. This is helpful so that a file is not processed multiple tim