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Information for installing, configuring, authenticating, and how to use Flowtime. The Flowtime site does not require cookies.


Flowtime Overview
Flowtime is the end-user portal where end users kickoff, manage, and monitor work on processes, and collaborate with team members. You can host Flowtime within SharePoint, or an independent web a
Active Processes Page
The Flowtime Processes List page that displays the processes the end user has permission for.
Delegate Processes in Flowtime
Delegate and take ownership of processes to optimize organizational workloads and update workloads according to changing organizational situations.
Access the Work Queue of the User Whose Processes Were Delegated To You
View and perform actions on processes that were delegated to you by other users.
Understanding Flowtime Inbox
Flowtime Inbox displays open and closed messages you received from your processes. The messages are either tasks to complete, or notifications that do not require action.
Understanding the Process Instance Page in Flowtime
The Process Instance page in Flowtime is where users view their processes' properties, view processes' progress, move processes forward by filling out forms, and send process task messages.
Define Questions and Answers
Learn how to define questions and answers in the Flowtime Social BPM feature.
Revert to the Old Flowtime Portal
If your solution has a fairly small amount of workflows, and the categories are not required, follow these steps to revert to the old Flowtime landing page.
Share a Process with Other Users
When you share a process with other users, the recipients are granted read-only access to the process.
Save user last state for Flowtime grids
This articles explains how Cora SeQuence saves user's changes to Flowtime grids, and how you can configure saved state scope.
Redesign Flowtime
You can customize the Cora theme using design variables.
Flowtime design variables
List of the most common Flowtime design variables
Configure Grid Filtering Mode
Configure grid filters.
List of Cora icons for Flowtime pages
V8.7 When you set up Flowtime pages, you can display an icon next to the page name. To do this, configure the IconId parameter on the ASPX file as follows:   IconId="<icon name>"  List of available icons and their na...
Working with Flowtime Grid Views
Users can add, remove, and reorder the columns of a grid, as well as, filter and sort the data and save the view as a personal view or a shard view, based on permissions.
Deploying Shared Views
Deploy Shared Views across environments.
Granting Shared View Permissions
Global Administrators can provide Shared View permissions to specific users or groups.
Configure Contact Us and Privacy Policy link
Overview General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a law that imposes data privacy and security obligations on organizations worldwide. Organizations that collect and deal with user personal data need to adhere to and comply with GDPR, and maint...