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Add Users to Groups in Cora OpsManager

In Cora OpsManager, all the users are aligned to different groups, and are also assigned roles while getting added to a group. Assigning roles actually grants permissions to users.

To add users to a group:

  1. On Flowtime, go to Ops Manager > Ops Manager Admin > Manage User Groups.
  2. Select in the tree, the group you want to add a user to.
  3. Click Add Users.
  4. Select the role for the user. The available roles are:
    • Manager: is not used.
    • Employee: is not used.
    • HotOperations Manager: is able to see sub teams. 
    • Team Leader: is able to allocate cases between the team members.
    • Associate: is a regular processor or agent (team member).
    • QA Auditor: gets cases in QA phase. 
    • SME: is able to resolve queries sent to SME.
  5. From the Employees list, select the user you want to add, and click >>. You may select multiple users simultaneously by using ctrl and click.
  6. Click Apply Permissions.

To edit user permissions, click edit for the user, and choose the permissions. Click Apply Permissions to save the permission changes.

To delete user, click delete icon displayed against each user in the list.