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Cora SeQuence 8.2.9 Release Notes

This is an update for Cora SeQuence v8.2, which resolves a bug in the organization tree, detailed below.

Resolved Issue

Organization tree display fails to load when trying to load more than 10,000 groups.

Resolution: We increased the JSON Max value of the Tree component.

Update Steps

Update from Cora SeQuence v8.2.8

  1. Download the files.
  2. Run IISReset.
  3. Make sure the following files and folders are on the same level in the server.
    • GAC
  4. Run IISReset
  5. Copy the following DLLs to the same location in Flowtime Portal, SharePoint, Administration, or ProcessTOGO servers.
    • PNMsoft.Rad.Web.UI.dll
    • PNMsoft.Rad.Web.UI.v8.dll
  6. Run IISReset for the change to take effect.

NOTE: If you are running a Cora SeQuence version earlier than v8.2.8, you must install v8.2.8 before you install v8.2.9.