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Integration Best Practices

Follow these best practices when integrating Cora SeQuence with other systems.

  • Use a single, dedicated user for the integration. For example, with CRM integration, use a single, dedicated user account. Using multiple users can cause issues, such as disparate permissions.
  • You cannot (and should not) perform true transactions, such as database transactions, between Cora SeQuence and other systems. Since you cannot lock the other systems, you must configure the environment so that you are performing virtual transactions. Create compensation in Cora SeQuence to handle errors.
  • You can set up a series of retries if the integration fails.
  • You can set a condition that if one side of the integration fails, you can terminate the integration process to stop sending data if the other side fails.
  • Do not pass simple types to a method. Wrap all parameters in an object. This ensures that you add or remove properties, and not change the interface of the binding elements.
  • If you have a web listener service as your input, add:
    • another object and sequence to the method
    • all remaining parameters inside