Genpact Cora Knowledge Center




Use the SQL NOLOCK Hint
Tip on when to use the SQL NOLOCK table hint.
Enable WCF Tracing
Learn how to enable WCF tracing.
Use the URL to Start or Open a Workflow
You can use runtime URLs to open an existing workflow, start a new workflow, and control some UI elements, such as show/hide the left-panel tree.
How to Add Script or CSS to Apply Them in Flowtime and Debugger
Learn how to add scripts or CSS so both appear in Flowtime and the Debugger.
Code Editor Shortcuts
A list of keyboard shortcuts you can use in the code (markup) editor.
Get Cora SeQuence Credentials from the Credential Store Using the API
Use this code sample to get credentials from the Cora SeQuence credential store. The code runs from within a custom assembly or custom activity.
Get the Connection String Using the API
To get the connection string using the API, add reference to Pnmsoft.Sequence, Pnmsoft.Sequence.Data, and Pnmsoft.Sequence.Security.
Configure BRS to Send Mail Using Office 365
Learn how to configure BRS to send mail using Office 365.
Create a Custom BRS Thread
To create a custom BRS extension, you create a class that inherits from IBackgroundRuntimeServiceExecutable,IDisposable, and include one public method of execution (public voice Execute()).
Send an Attachment to a Web Service Consumer
Follow this sample to learn how to send an attachment to a Web service consumer.
Apply Sort to Combos
If your combobox or grid is based on a table, or lookup table, use the Order by attribute to specify the sort order.
Find IDs of All Users That Submitted a Specific Task
Use this expression to return a list of IDs for all users that submitted a specific task.
View a Process Tree
The process tree displays the flow of the process and the current pending activity, in Flowtime and in the database. Access to the process tree requires specific permissions.
Apply Different XSLT Styles for Each Workflow Template
To differentiate between different workflows in email messages from Cora SeQuence, you can use the "if" syntax.
Conditional Formatting for Server-Side Objects
You can calculate the visibility of a server-side object in runtime using an expression that checks a query string parameter. In this example, we change the style of a grid.
Display Closed Instances on a Custom Portal Page
Use the following markup to display closed instances on a custom portal page.
Create a 'System Down for Maintenance' Page
Create a custom page that displays to users when a page is unavailable.
Add a Custom Column on a Webpart
Learn how to add a custom column to a Cora SeQuence webpart.
Isolate First Load from Post Backs
At first glance, the Page.IsPostback property does not server any function in Cora SeQuence, since its value is always true. To bypass this, you can push values to the view state. This is esp
Catch a Grid Insert Event to Update a Combo Box
This sample shows how to all the required steps to catch a grid insert event and update a combo box.