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Web Service Input Activity Overview


Use the Web Service Input Activity to select a Web service and method that you want to listen to in a dynamic workflow.

Use case

  • Use this activity as part of a workflow that also contains a Web Service Output Activity.

Wizard tips

Properties Tab

  • Name: the name you select affects the virtual and local path.

Methods Tab

  • Method List (left panel): Your selection in this list affects the content that displays in the XSD structure and details area. You can add, edit, or delete methods defined in this listener.
  • XSD structure and details (middle panel): The structure displays according to the selected method and the selected message (response or request).
  • Element Properties (right panel): Set and modify the element type and advance settings for the selected element.

XML Schema Area

  • Describes the structure or our WSDL document used in the method's request and response. If you have a complex-type object that you want to use more than one time in your WSL, you can define its structure here.
  • To create an array element, you must specify that the Max Occurs property of its <sequence> is unbounded, and the Min Occurs and Max Occurs property of the entity is set to 1.

View WSDL Area

  • This is where you can view the WSL's Web Services Description Language (WSDL), which is an XML-based language for describing Web Services, how to access the services, and the elements' attributes.

Want to learn by doing? 
Check out this hands-on exercise.
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