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Server Side Activities


Assign Activity Overview
Use the Assign Activity to set workflow variables to specific values during workflow execution.
Built-in Command Activity Overview
Use the Built-in Command Activity to execute various actions in the workflow.
Define Workflow Stages
Define workflow stages so that end users can view the specific process stage. This helps end users understand what is required to move to the next stage of the process.
Error Handler Activity Overview
Use the Error Handler Activity to capture errors details as an object that occur in an Integration Activity or a Stored Procedure Activity.
Stored Procedure Activity Overview
Use the Stored Procedure Activity to define an activity that executes a SQL Stored Procedure from the Sequence database.
Sub Workflow Activity Overview
Use the Sub Workflow Activity to kick off another workflow from within the parent workflow. The sub workflow is another workflow that is defined in Sequence.
Sharing Activity Overview
The Sharing Activity shares the workflow instance with specified users and groups. You share data with users and groups based on information that is captured during workflow execution.
Stop Sharing Activity Overview
Use the Stop Sharing Activity to stop sharing an activity in a workflow. You can select the activity or define the activity using an expression.
List of SQL Errors Handled by Cora SeQuence
Cora SeQuence addresses the following SQL server errors, which are treated as temporary errors and handled by the retry mechanism. All other SQL server errors generate an error. SQL Server error codes Azure SQL Database error codes -2 ...