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UX Studio Overview


Cora SeQuence UX Studio is a .NET markup editor in a 100% Web development environment where you design forms. When designing forms, you have all .NET capabilities, including server-side code, and markup is generated in XHTML standard, which means that is supports multiple browsers.

In UX Studio, the form view and data model are separate, which enables you to create an unlimited number of views for a single data model, for example, desktop, mobile, win form, and so on. Cora SeQuence guides end users to the correct form based on the user platform.

Work Modes

UX Studio includes separate working modes for basic users and advanced users. You can toggle between work modes in UX Studio.

Designer Mode: Intended for business users to easily design forms with minimal code. Includes basic form properties and features.

Full Control Mode: Intended for developers with some experience with ASP.NET to build forms with advanced functionality. This mode includes all form options and properties. 


Cora SeQuence v7.x

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