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Grid Control Overview

The Grid control is an advanced control based on the Telerik Grid control, and exposes the features detailed below.  The Grid Control Features highlights the most common Grid control features. For a full list of Grid control features, click here.

Grid Control Features
OverviewGeneral information about the Grid control.
For more information, see this page.
ExportingExport grid data to several format types.
For more information, see this page.
Starting from V9.6, grid export supports XLSX format.
PagingTable paging enables users to view the data in small chunks, which enhances performance and experience.
For more information, see this page.
Column TypesGrid control supports data columns and structure columns.
For more information, see this page.
Client-side Object ModelExtend the Grid control functionality by using the client-side API.
For more information, see this page.

Batch edit grid limitations

You can batch edit grids, but there are several limitations.

  • In template columns, RadioButtonList, Combo, Attachment, and Check Box are not supported.
  • In GridDropDownColumn and DropDownList, only ComboBox control is supported.
  • For Attachment column, only the AsyncUpload control type is supported (this is the default control in GridAttachmentColumn).
  • In the Template column in batch mode check box, htmleditor columns are not supported.
  • htmleditor column is not supported.
  • Detail table dataitems in hierarchy mode is not supported.

You can only save changes by clicking Save Changes in the batch edit mode (not Save and Submit). Use the relevant code snippets to alert users to save their work.