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Web Service Output Activity Overview


Use the Web Service Output Activity to define bindings between a Web service that was defined in a Web Service Input Activity and a workflow data fields.

Use cases

  • Use this activity as part of a workflow that contains a Web Service Input Activity.

Wizard tips

  • Response: Define the bindings between the Web service fields and the workflow data fields.
  • When the activity is executed, the activity maps return values from the Web service to workflow data fields.
  • This activity sends the response at the end of the execution path. In other words, if you need to send the response immediately after the activity is executed, then one of the following conditions must exist in the workflow design.
    1. There is a blocking activity after the Web Service Output Activity: Form, Task, or Timer.
    2. The Web Service Output Activity is triggered by manual execution, i.e., the user click submit, and there is an automatic link after the Web Service Output Activity.
You can use the values returned in the Web Service Listener's Output object in subsequent activities by selecting  Web Service Listener Output object > ReturnValue in the Expression Editor.

Want to learn by doing? 
Check out this hands-on exercise.
Note that only internal users can access the link.