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Cora OpsManager 2.1.1 Release Notes

September 2019

This is an update for Cora OpsManager v2.1, which resolves product issues, detailed below.

To download the release package and instructions, click here.

Resolved Issues


For more than one draft for a case, only one draft was sent as an email for the case at a time.

The draft on which user is working upon is sent.

Question in QC parameters tab was not displayed, on opening a case with status With QA from the Operation Manager grid .

The questions are now displayed in the QC parameters tab.

For QC accuracy, in the drill down report the comment was missing.

The comment is now displayed in the report.
Email correlation - when multiple case numbers [Case:] appeared in the subject, the wrong case number [Case :] was picked as Case ID.
The system picks the first valid case number from the subject as the Case ID.
5Forwarding attachments from a sent email failed, and didn't populate the attachments section.
The attachments are now forwarded and populated in the Attachments section.
6Only Power users could select a default signature.Default signatures can be selected by any user.
7With Merge Cases duplicate attachments were displayed in the Conversation tab.
No duplicate attachments are displayed.
8No specific high importance representation in Emails (email, Conversations tab).
An icon “!” is displayed in the Conversation tab against conversations sent with high importance.

The attachments from New request passed to the case but, appeared in the Attachments tab instead of the Conversations tab. 

Attachments added as a response to a new request are displayed in the Conversations tab.

On the Chrome browser, the Details section of Manual Case Creation page appeared disproportionate.

The Details field size is fixed.
11Read only view – On the Linked tab, the View Case link was missing.
The link is visible now.
12On Attachments tab, the attachment related to one of the conversations in the case could be deleted.
The attachments related to a conversation can not be deleted.
13On deleting a draft no confirmation question was asked to the user.The user is asked for confirmation before deleting a draft.
14Read only view - the merge cases are not display on linked cases tab.
The merged cases are displayed.

Known Issues

1For Cases I started, the client properties view is displayed wrong for a case (the system displays the view defined to the all-all-all set).

Get Next Task button won’t work if the case to be pushed is not on the first page of the team member's task list.


Display comment of actions in Conversations tab concatenates all the text to one line even if breaking lines are inserted.


Using < in action comment remove from the display, all the text added after this character.


Address book – the system shows “add to address book” alone with suggestion if the inserted address already exists in the address book table.


Ops Manager Admin > Email Templates > Edit content. The Active check box is enabled in read only view.


Close as spam - on selecting cases to Close as Spam, from pages other than first page, only the cases selected on the first page are closed.


For an empty Originated mail box cell in mailbox routing config lookup, cases can't be created. The originated mail box should always contain values.


Email listener workflow - when an email contains < in the body, the in process consumer fails to move the email forward.

10Approval File attachment link is not displayed in the Conversations tab, but a clip paper icon is displayed.