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HTTP Consumer Activity Overview


Use the HTTP Consumer Activity to consume any publicly exposed HTTP endpoint. Generally, the activity consumes an API endpoint, but it is not limited to these endpoints.

The HTTP Consumer Activity has two configuration options, basic and advanced. The advanced configuration is fairly technical and requires you to configure numerous parameters. In most cases, the basic option is sufficient, but in cases that require advanced configuration, it's important to understand the parameters and attributes. 

You can view, edit, create, and delete HTTP consumers from in the Administration site.

For additional information, refer to the following articles.

Define the HTTP Consumer Activity

  1. Service (endpoint) level: define the basic HTTP Consumer endpoint. 
  2. Activity level: configure a specific request.

Use Cases

  • In a form, consume a value from a single JSON item. See the example below.
  • In a grid, consume values from JSON items. See the example below.
    1. { JsonValue(ds.Item.Content.AsString()) }
      1. { ToString(ds.Item["body"]) }

Wizard Tips

  • All string parameters must be in quotation marks.
  • To access additional attribute options, clear the IsNull check box.