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External Service Consumer Activity overview


Use the External Service Consumer Activity to invoke an assembly method contained in the DLL file. This DLL file resides in the Sequence server's GAC.

Use Cases

  • This activity is generally used when you want to integrate with third-party service that does not expose an interface.

Wizard Tips

  • When you create a new External Assembly, make sure to use a strong name for the Assembly Full Name, such as:

WSDoc1, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=ee216db078bbb917

  • Behavior types:
    DefaultAn assembly that includes any public class or service. All parameters and return values must be XML serializable.
    Web Service Consumer LibraryAn assembly that behaves like a Web Service Consumer. You can invoke all Web Services in the assembly.
    WCF Consumer LibraryAn assembly that behaves like a WCF Cosumer. You can invoke all WCF Services in the assembly.
  • When you define the Request Bindings, you configure the IsOneWay parameter. Execution behavior, wait for response (false) or skip (true). When you set the IsOneWay parameter to true, no data is saved.
  • Click method parameters in the left panel and assign input values to the method parameters in the right panel. You can enter the value as a hard-coded value, double-click a field from the workflow tree, or click to open the Expression Editor to define the value as the result of an expression.