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SharePoint Create List Item Activity Overview


Use the Create a List Item Activity to create an item in a SharePoint list, or create a folder in SharePoint, as part of a dynamic workflow.

Wizard Tips

  • For all parameters, make sure you clear the IsNull check box in the right pane.
  • The Site URL parameter is optional. If you populate this parameter, you can dynamically determine the target site when you execute the activity. The credentials you entered must be valid for the calculated site.
  • Define the following parameters in the left pane.
    • ListReference
    • ListItemCreationInformation
      • FolderURL: this parameter is optional and is used to create a sub-folder in a document library.
      • UnderlyingObjectType: expand the enumvalues from the right tree, and select the appropriate value.
      • LeafName
    • ListItemFields
      • FieldValues
      • ListItemField
      • Length