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Cora SeQuence Workflow Templates

V8.8 and earlier


Cora SeQuence includes a rich library of pre-built templates. These templates can be a great starting point for developing workflow applications. They will save you time by providing well built workflows, forms, and features that replicate common scenarios. You can quickly copy and customize them to your requirements.

TIP: To get the most out of Cora SeQuence templates, observe them as they run, open their activity configuration to see their markup, data model structure, condition settings, etc., and note the explanations and links to additional resources.

List of Templates

The following is a list of the available templates. You can download each template by clicking the template link.

Scenario-based Workflows:

Scenario-based Forms:

Examples of Individual Features

Install Cora SeQuence Templates

To use Cora SeQuence templates, you must install them on your Cora SeQuence environment. You can do so by downloading and running the Cora SeQuence templates setup file. From v7.9 and later, the templates are installed by default. For earlier versions, request the appropriate setup file from Support Team.

 After you install the Cora SeQuence templates, they display in the Administration tree under Workflows. The template workflows (and their attached objects) have an ST prefix.

How to Use Cora SeQuence Templates

Each template includes inline documentation and instructions.

  1. Set the workflow permissions.
  2. Start a new instance using either Process Lab or in Flowtime.
  3. Double-click the first activity, which is highlighted, to being the workflow.

Reuse a Cora SeQuence Template

These are the most common use cases for reusing Cora SeQuence templates.

Scenario-based Workflows

You create a duplicate workflow and then customize the duplicate workflow as necessary. This is relevant for Cora SeQuence templates, such as ST Approval Chain and ST Change Request.

To create a workflow duplicate, right-click the workflow you want to duplicate, and select  Create a copy of this workflow.

Use Form Templates

You create your own workflow, and add a form template, customizing as necessary. When you create the form, you select the Duplicate Form creation method, and select the ST Form you need, for example, Expenses Reimbursement.

Feature-Specific Templates

You create your own workflow and examine the ST feature that you want to add to your workflow, such as Grids. Take a look at the properties, markup, etc., and implement the feature in your workflow as necessary.

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