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Install and Configure Analytics

IMPORTANT: You must configure all of the components as described below for the analytics feature to work. If you do not configure one or more components, or incorrectly configure one or more components, the analytics feature will fail.

You can create visual analytics to monitor internal and external system components. An administrator should configure analytics one time, after which it can be used for multiple dashboards.

Required Components and Configuration

  • Analytics - Dashboard Designer
  • Database
  • SSRS
  • SharePoint environment

Analytics - Dashboard Designer

  • This component is installed as part of the Administration installation.
  • Configure the SharePoint - SSRS connection.


  • The database is installed as part of the installation.


  • Install a Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) instance in your environment. You can install SSRS on a SQL server as a feature, or on a SharePoint server, depending on your organization's requirements. 
  • Open a port between the SSRS and your web application (SharePoint Flowtime).
  • Define a data source in the SSRS that points to the database. For information on how to define a data source, see here.
  • Add permissions for the user that you define in the SharePoint - SSRS connection.

SharePoint Environment

  • The SharePoint environment is generally your Flowtime environment, but can be another SharePoint environment on which you define parts.
  • The environment must contain a list that can contain Web part pages.
  • The user you define in the SharePoint - SSRS connection must have permission to write to this list, or the publish operation fails.