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Built-in Expression Objects


Runtime Expressions (rt)
Built-in expressions include the following expression types: runtime, workflow-instance, activity-instance, message object, mwj object, ds object, and it object.
Workflow Instance Expressions
Use workflow-instance expressions to retrieve data and metadata related to any workflow-instance. The workflow-instance scope, along with the details on the workflow-instance, include statistical val
Activity Instance Expressions
Use activity-instance expressions to retrieve data and metadata related to any activity-instance.
Message Object Expressions
When you create a message, a message object is created with the message's metadata, which you can use in an expression.
Master Workflow Object (mwf)
Use the mwf object to retrieve values from a master workflow with a simple expression. With the mwf object, you can access master workflow metadata and activity metadata, which you can do from any wo
Data Source Object (ds)
The ds object is the data source object passed to the expression execution.
it Object
The it object is the expression argument for the LINQ extension methods.