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Dashboard Filters


With dashboard filters, users can focus on the most relevant information when analyzing data in Flowtime. You can add filters to new or existing Dashboard Suites. 

Dashboard filters are available starting with Cora SeQuence 8.6. 

Filter types

You can add three types of filters.

Filter typeDescriptionExamples
Combo BoxFilters data by values provided in a list. The default setup uses values provided by a data source that is already mapped to a dashboard tile. You can also set up the list manually.Show data relevant to specific departments, sales regions, or case status.
DateFilters data by a specific time period.
Available options:
  • Custom Date Range: Provides a list of preset time periods.
    • Today
    • Yesterday
    • Last 7 days
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 30 days
    • Last 12 months
  • Date Range: Enables the user to select From and To dates.
  • Exact Date (default): Displays a calendar from which the user can select a specific day. 
  • Year and Month: Provides a selection pane from which the user can select a month and a year.
  • Year: Provides a selection pane from which the user can select a year.
Show data relevant to a specific time period, such as fiscal year quarters, holidays, or new product campaign.
NumberFilters data by a specific number value.
Available options:
  • Whole Number (default)
  • Decimal Number
Show data relevant to specific number data, such as sales targets, new hires, ID numbers.
For example, show which regions have achieved a sales target, or how many new employees have joined a specific region.

Dashboard filter preview