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Define Case Configuration Set for Case Scoring

Starting with V10.0, Cora SeQuence has been renamed to Cora Orchestration.


A case configuration set (config set or ConfigSet) for case scoring defines a criteria or a set of rules for cases, on fulfilment of which the system assigns weightage and rank to each case. Based on the case rank and weightage the system then evaluates case score and sets case priority.

In the portal, the case scoring is displayed as a column in the grid, so you can sort and filter the cases based on scoring.

Define a scoring config set

Defining a case config set for scoring is similar to creating a generic case config set. For procedure, see this article

For scoring, you need to create the following three yaml files in the ConfigSet AppStudio. 

You can name the files anything of your choice, but need to keep the kind and metadata name exactly as mentioned in the table below.

yaml filesKindMetadata nameDescription
Business fieldsDocumentcase-management/v1/business-fieldsDefines the list of virtual variables that are relevant to the operation. For example, score, status, create date.
Score calculationRuleSetcase-management/v1/score-calculationDefines the conditions by which the case score is calculated. These conditions are any valid expressions that would work on the Solution's master workflow.
Score calculation timers (optional)Documentcase-management/v1/score-calculation-timersDefines the list of time intervals to check on time-based conditions that are part of the score calculation.

Sample case scoring ConfigSet yaml files

For case scoring, download the following sample yaml files:

Configure JES job for case scoring

After you have defined config sets for case scoring, and connected the config sets to solutions, you need to configure the following JES jobs for case scoring to work.

  • Score Calculation
  • Score Calculation Timers Check

Configure Score Calculation job

The Score Calculation job calculates the case score by evaluating the score rule set.

  1. Go to Administration>Global Settings>Jobs Management, and click Add Job.
  2. Select Score Calculation from the list of jobs, and then click Create.
  3. In the Edit Job Definition window, add job details in the Job tab and Command tab.
  4. Click Finish.

Configure Score Calculation Timers Check job

The Score Calculation Timers Check job triggers evaluation of score rules that are time-based i.e. based on datetime variables. The job creates a trigger mechanism that will update the built-in ScoreClock variable for a case, and based on the change in variable value the system activates the score re-evaluation process.
The process to create a Score Calculation Timers Check job is similar to Score Calculation job. In the jobs list select Score Calculation Timers Check from the list of jobs, and then click Create.