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Best Practices

Discover developer tips and best practices for BPM, dynamic workflows, and more.


Active Directory Synchronization Services Best Practices
We recommend these best practices for synchronizing Cora SeQuence with your Active Directory.
Customization Best Practices
Customization can be expensive, time consuming, and cause unforeseen bugs, deployment issues, and additional maintenance. The general rule is, the less customization, the better. You should use custo
Functional Design Best Practices
A functional design is the high-level road map of what you want to develop, not how you will develop it. There are two primary elements to a functional design.
Integration Best Practices
Follow these best practices when integrating Cora SeQuence with other systems.
Performance Best Practices
You can improve performance for several dynamic workflow components. There are an unlimited number or ways to develop a solution. When building a solution, balance your requirements with your resourc
Security Best Practices
Security Best Practices
Workflow Versioning Best Practices
It is important to follow a versioning system so you have the flexibility to revert to previous workflow versions and track development between versions.
Workflow Development Best Practices
Workflows are the core of business process management. It is important that you develop workflows according to best practices.
SQL Scripts Best Practices
Best practices for improving your SQL scripts.