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Process Object


GET /userInstancesService.svc/GetAggregatedData
Returns open and closed processes for a user.
GET /userInstancesService.svc/GetAggregatedDataByOwner
Returns the count of the open processes of the owner.
POST /ProcessInstancesService.svc/GetData
Returns all items a user has permission to view for a specific workflow space. Although this call returns data, to support the numerous parameters, this call uses a POST method.
POST /ProcessesService.svc/GetData
Returns list of workflows to which the user has permission.
POST /ProcessesService.svc/StartWorkflow
Starts the workflow that you specify in the request. You can assign values to the instance parameters by using the Variable object.
POST /SharedInstancesService.svc/ShareInstanceByUser
Shares a process with a single user.
POST /SharedInstancesService.svc/SharedInstanceByGroup
Shares a process with a single group.
POST /UserInstancesService.svc/GetData
Returns a list of all processes that the specified user opened or owns.