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Modify Report Permissions

You can modify Report details on Cora OpsManager Flowtime, as per requirement. 

To modify report details in Cora OpsManager, 

  1. Go to Flowtime > Ops Manager > Ops Manager Admin > Reports.

  2. List of available reports is displayed on the Analytics page.
  3. Click edit (pen icon) at the end of the report record you want to modify.
  4. Update any of the following parameters as per requirement:
    • Name: Report name.
    • Friendly name: Display name of the report.
    • Path: The path where report is located.
    • Description: Description of the report.
    • Level authorized to see the report: The role to which you want to display the report. Select the respective check box. The available roles for selection are:
      • Operations Manager
      • Team Lead
      • Associate (Team Member)
  5. Click update .